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DRAWPACK.com is the first online-shop for direct downloads of business diagrams. Thousands of high quality PowerPoint diagrams can be easily downloaded and used for own private or business presentations.

DRAWPACK.com is a content provider and service company who wants to satisfy the need of customers for high quality templates, diagrams and charts based on business topics. Customers can choose between direct download against payment and a membership valid for one year with different access possibilities and different price categories.

Products & Services
Free Diagrams DRAWPACK.com provides access to free of charge PowerPoint diagrams. You can choose between over hundreds of diagrams ready for immediate download. Every month new additional free downloads are available.  
Basic Diagrams DRAWPACK.com provides thousands of basic PowerPoint diagrams ready for download. You can choose and select your desired diagram among 6 main categories with a total of 23 different subcategories.  
Business Diagrams DRAWPACK.com provides a huge selection of business diagrams sorted by business topics. Every diagram comes with a title and some text explanations. You can choose among 7 main business categories and 30 subcategories.  
Drawpacks DRAWPACK.com provides collections of business diagrams which are divided into different business topics. You can create your individual drawpack or download directly our drawpack offer.  

Free Member A Free Member has access to all Free Diagrams available after registration. All these diagrams are free of charge.  
Business Member A Business Member has access to all diagrams of all categories available for single download. This membership costs 169 CHF and is valid for one year.  
Premium Member A Premium Member has access to all diagrams of all categories available and can also download all the drawpacks for free. Choose your own drawpack or download one of our drawpack offers. This membership costs 289 CHF and is valid for one year.  
Download Process

If you are not yet a member of DRAWPACK.com you can choose your desired diagrams out of all categories and buy your selection directly. Select the diagrams with a mark into the boxes, go to your basket for an overview of your selection and follow the payment instruction. After confirmation your selection of diagrams are ready for download in your basket.

As a member of DRAWPACK.com you have different access possibilities with different price categories. To become a member go on the registration page, select one of the membership options, fill out the registration form and follow the payment instruction. After confirmation you will receive your password for Login on DRAWPACK.com by email. All the memberships are valid for one year. 20 days before expiration of this term we will send you an email for an extention. There is no automatical renewal of the agreement after the expiration.

Your Added Value

Our content of highly professional PowerPoint diagrams is used by a large customer group today. Students, managers, marketing experts or professional teachers from around the globe have been satisfied already. They have chosen DRAWPACK.com because of the following main added values:

- High quality business diagrams
- Direct downloads without restrictions
- No time loss, fast adaption, userfriedly
- Simple, fast and reliable service
- Different price levels (single downloads, memberships, drawpacks)
- No additional software required except PowerPoint
- Visualized business knowledge

Contact DRAWPACK.com
Please send us an email to info@drawpack.com to get in touch with us. For any queries, remarks or help we will get back to you as soon as possible. Any feedback is desired. For business customers who are interested in an individual offer please inform us about your special interest.

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