DRC is an exterior building envelope inspection firm specializing in the inspection of stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System) claddings. We also perform inspections for other exterior systems such as brick and siding.  We provide residential, commercial, third party inspections, and remedial consulting services to homeowners and building owners.

We are proactive in the remediation process of exterior claddings and wall systems. We believe that with a very thorough inspection protocol and with the use of proper moisture testing equipment, and in some cases, intrusive investigation, it is possible to determine the extent of moisture damage in specific areas of exterior claddings and properly remediate those specific areas rather than remove the entire exterior wall system thus saving the homeowner/building owner a significant amount of money.  

We are sensitive to the fact that whether you are a buyer, owner, general contractor, or real estate agent, that you are in need of honest answers delivered quickly with diplomacy and professionalism.  Our firm is committed to providing our Clients with expert findings, reliable service, professional insight, and solutions to major problems concerning moisture intrusion and building envelopes.

Our Services Consist of:

Building Envelope Inspections
Moisture Intrusion Investigation
Inspection of Class PM, PB, PI, DA, MD, & ICF Systems
Inspection of Hard Coat Stucco, Brick, and Siding Systems
Sealants, Flashings, Windows, Doors, Rooflines, Balconies, & Other System Components
Mold & IAQ Inspections
ASTM E1105 / AAMA 502-02 Water Testing
Water Infiltration Testing (AAMA Spray Testing, Sill Dam Testing, Etc.)  
IR Thermography
Invasive & Non-Invasive Moisture Testing
Forensic Inspection of Wall Cavities
In Progress & Final Inspections (Monitor Contractor's Work)
Development of Remedial Repairs & Corrective Actions Programs
Review all Architectural Drawings & Specifications
Assist in Identifying Appropriate Materials and Manufacturers Specs for Projects
Evaluate Bid Proposals
Monitor Quality Assurance Programs
Review of Change Orders & Preparation of Punch-Out Lists
Comprehensive Photo Reports  
Repair Cost Analysis

Moisture has always been a challenge to homeowners, building owners and builders alike.  It is a puzzling problem that must be traced back to it's origin to determine the correct solution for remediation.  In recent years, due to the rising moisture and mold litigation, it has become apparent that property owners and investors must deal promptly and effectively with moisture issues.

Independent third-party inspections are in the best interest of ALL parties involved, including homeowners, building owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, code officials and even EIFS applicators.  The purpose of these inspections is to assure that the exterior cladding system is installed in compliance with manufacturers' recommended details and specifications. Additionally, it is imperative that all of the components of the structure that interface with the exterior system (whether it be hard coat, EIFS, brick, or siding) be properly designed and installed to prevent moisture intrusion and any resulting damage that could occur.  Many building owners and general contractor’s engage our third-party inspection services for their own “peace of mind”.

Over the years we have assisted a wide variety of clients including property owners, property management companies, engineers, lending institutions, and Tier I Contractors.  In addition, DRC has worked on state owned facilities such as city hall’s and museums.

Throughout our 30 years in the construction industry, we have obtained over ten national certifications related to moisture intrusion, water damage, leak investigation, stucco, EIFS, and the building envelope (including mold and indoor air quality certification.)  Our growth and success has come mainly by word-of-mouth throughout the real estate and construction industries and we pride ourselves in being prompt, efficient, straight-forward, thorough, and well-versed in our knowledge of exterior building systems and the common problems many clients face regarding moisture intrusion.

The mission of DRC Inspections & Consulting, LLC is to provide our customers with the information and education necessary to make informed decisions on their projects.

Our goal is to maintain the delicate relationship balance between all respective parties, in a third party role, while holding true to strong ethical standards and delivering unbiased reports that are customer-friendly.

We understand the difficulties many face in today's fast-paced and unlevel playing field.  It is our hope that through proper information, education, and knowledge our customer's will reach their desired goals and walk away with a greater knowledge and understanding for future projects.