New websites have been created to educate the women about their health needs and also to provide special items for feminine use.
City, State, Thursday, September 18, 2014: Dr Deepak N Patel the Retired Physician and gynecologist has created three websites on women’s doctor manufactured items, pregnancy doctor manufactured items and pregnancy signs and symptoms exclusively for women
Eating healthy diets is good only when the nutritional value of the same is known. These sites are created with a view to educating both the pregnant and non pregnant women on everything they need to know about health.
“The purpose of this website is to educate the women and their families so that they can easily understand the difference between normal and abnormal health. We aim to win the trust and build an everlasting relationship by providing valuable information about women’s health and how to fulfill the health needs of both pregnant and non pregnant women” replied Dr. Patel when asked why the web sites were created.
Racerbackprovide extra comfort and support required during the period of pregnancy when there is major transformation of the breasts.
The company also has various options of regular bras with more back closures that provide sufficient space and flexibility and are going to launch both the maternity bra and regular bra within the next 3 to 4 days.
As the second phase of marketing the company has planned to launch their parental vitamins manufactured that contain the right amount of folic acid, iron, calcium, Racerbackvitamins and other nutritional ingredients very shortly. Facilities to do pregnancy tests and offering maternity clothes like nursing bra and pregnancy pillows will also follow suit.
“We know that nutrition is a neglected Issue by so many pregnant women. We have done extensive research and found out that the parental vitamins were problem because most of these were either lacking necessary ingredients or was not in sufficient amount. To come out of this crux we have manufactured parental vitamins that can fulfill the needs of the women. We also offer excellent customer service to make your journey of women’s health a happy experience. Don’t hesitate. We are only a mouse click away!” said another spokesman.
The sites also provide information on pregnancy signs and symptoms and nutrition tips for a healthy mom and baby and has provisions for coupons with 50% to 90% off.
About: Dr. Deepak N Patel, the Retired Physician and gynecologist is the driving force behind these women’s special items. For detailed information please visit any of these three web sites