The most successful place in the whole wide world is the CEMETERY.  Why?  Because it is the place where unfulfilled dreams, visions, ideas, inventions, thoughts and creations die.    We are one thought away from reaching our goals, dreams and objectives in life.  Dream2Life Productions & Marketing promotes, markets, and exposes your vision through the power of audio/video recording, promotional events and activities and product distribution.  We provide various tools to empower each vision with the various tools to increase, enhance, develop, uplift and promote and expose them worldwide.
We mainly focus on every genre of the arts, music, dance, mime, spoken word, comedy, etc.  We also aid home-based businesses, network marketers and independent entrepreneurs.
Dream2Life Productions & Marketing
7100 Regency Square Ste. #106
Houston, TX 77074
Dr. Rosalyn L. Shaw, CEO