Dreamtown is a 3 person band formed by long-time friends and multi-instrumentalists, Tom O'Brien and Bob Elliott with percussion by friend and brother, Matt Perez. Tom is based in Seattle, Bob in the Yosemite foothills, and Matt in San Diego, yet they've managed to overcome the challenges of long-distance writing and recording to come up with an 11 song, 45 minute album of new music. The members' individual influences would probably surprise many, including people like Stevie Wonder, Hank Williams, Nirvana, Bach, Al Green, Dylan and hundreds of other eclectic choices. Though hard to pin down, the music has been compared to the likes of Wilco, David Byrne and XTC. The basis for the music is the idea of polyrhythmia, the idea that not every musical element has to follow the same counting strategy. Their self-titled debut album has won much acclaim in Internet circles and has now been put out as a hard copy CD which is available for the asking.