Beverly Hills, California (PressExposure) February 06, 2013 -- Los Angeles, CA (Wednesday, February 6, 2013) - Fabulous fashionista, designing diva and sought after personal lifestyle consultant, Michele Klein, announces the launch of DressDishDwell.com. A blog with fresh content five days a week that teaches readers how to take personal style to a whole new level while staying mindful of the bottom line. Michele's philosophy is simple: upscale style doesn't have to mean up on the price, and it should be a pleasure, not a pain.

Michele's personality and of-the-moment lingo draws people in as she shares her style and entertaining experiences as if you were reading from the pages of her diary. Readers get a front row seat as Michele shares tips and tricks to glam up their homes, conquer the chaos of organizing personal spaces, while also bringing a chic touch to their ensembles and the environments they live and breathe in. Readers sit in her kitchen while she tests recipes, shares her secrets on how to cook for a crowd, and how to do it seamlessly so everyone can entertain friends and actually get to enjoy their own parties.

DressDishDwell.com provides unique and upbeat solutions to all of life's style conundrums. Think Nicole Richie meets Martha Stewart, for the next generation. An adventure of forward fashion, good food, easy entertaining, organized areas, glam spaces and sensational style awaits.

"Take me shopping with you...please!" Over the years, Michele Klein, has heard those words uttered many times over by friends, family, coworkers and even people she barely knows. "Where do you shop?"..."Oh my goodness, I love that bag! Where did you get it?" When she tells them where she bought it (and how much she paid), the look of shock is clear on their face. "I LOVE your home, will you help me decorate mine?"..."Can you organize my closet like you did yours? I don't know where to begin"..."Those are the best chocolate chip cookies EVER, how do you make them?" The answers to all of those questions are simpler than you think.

Over the course of her career, Michele has worked as a skincare spokesperson and multimedia ad sales marketing executive for ESPN. She has now turned her career toward her true calling as a writer, personal lifestyle expert and design consultant. Michele is passionate about all of these activities and is excited that she gets to share her years of experience and insider knowledge with her readers. Join her on this journey of shopping success, cooking victories, relaxed party planning, orderly areas, chic dwellings and most importantly, sensational style.