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About Our Practice

Neck and Back pain are very common. About 80 percent of the population will get it at some point in time. While for many, it is temporary and goes away, unfortunately for others, it becomes a part of life. In fact, for many, it takes over their life. We cannot do the things we want to do because we are in pain or fear we will be in pain if we try. Many people need to be on medications and curtail their life because of pain that just won’t go away. People will try all kinds of things to get better and it either has not worked, or the relief is temporary. Most people fear surgery and that is normal. It can be because they have heard horror stories from someone that had a bad experience, or it can be because they do not want to go through what they feel will be a long and painful recovery. These
are the exact kinds of people we help everyday get back to life. Surgery does not have to be such a frightening experience. At the medical practice of Steven Gelbard, M.D. we have treated thousands of patients with problems such as yours and have developed a system to make it as easy on you as possible.

Experience Matters

While there are many options and many places to go to get your pain treated, experience matters and results matter. The training of the doctor you choose matters. You do not want to be treated by those who have little experience in the techniques of minimally invasive surgery.  You want a practice that has had the most experienced doctors with a long track record of great results. Dr. Gelbard is a Neurosurgeon that has been performing endoscopic procedures for over 15 years on thousands of patients with great results. His training and experience is second to none. We use the very latest and most modern techniques available.