Drgilete.com website was created by Dr. Gilete himself, a Catalan Neurosurgeon with 12 years of experience, as well as with 7 years in the industry of healthcare abroad. In the past, Dr. Gilete has successfully co-founded Barcelona Spine Center and later the Barcelona International Surgical Institute (Healthcare Providers). With the extensive experience gained regarding to treatment abroad together with his personal experiences made him shift to a more specialised niche where he is viewed as one of Barcelona’s most experienced professionals in Neuro& Spine surgery consultancy, as well as the area of development of medical device designs.
Unlike other medical consultancy companies, Dr. Gilete wanted to make a difference, moving away from the business facet where patients are just another file number and heading more towards a human-to-human interaction.
As Dr. Gilete works closely with renowned spine surgeon specialists as well as neurosurgeons who are highly specialised in ACDF surgery (including ACDF complications), cervical myelopathy surgery, Cervical Disc Replacement and others, made Dr. Gilete determined to assist in the best possible ways all international patients seeking his expertise, advice and knowledge.
The other component for Dr. Gilete’s success is his supporting team that handle all the logistics parts with regards to the pre & post-surgery, that is, all the necessary paperwork not related to the surgery itself. It can be from a VISA application, to booking flights and accommodation or just about anything else the patients feels necessary in order to guarantee a positive medical experience.
With regards to cervical disc replacement costs and ACDF surgery costs, Dr. Gilete is confident that Barcelona is one of the best locations available in Europe. Surely it would be impossible to compete with other countries such as India, however with regards to other European countries or even the United States, Barcelona can offer competitive rates. And apart from the mentioned above, Spain is ranked 7th by the World Health Organization, as a country with the best healthcare system in the world - This is thanks to its constant improvement in infrastructures and medical technologies thus giving the possibility of offering a high quality European standard medical service.