By asking taboo questions, Drink and Tell aims to turn online conversations into offline conversations to trigger more interesting dialogue. This app is a fun drinking game for anyone and everyone who is sick of playing the standard ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Kings Cup’. It’s been described by some as the ‘Cards Against Humanity for drinking’.

Select from 5 relevant categories comprising of love, sex, ethics, personality and mortality. Or you can randomise the questions like a mixed bag of goodies. You even have the option of purchasing other fun categories such as ‘Would You Rather?’ and ‘Adults Only’, with many being continuously added. Your friends have to try and guess which multiple choice answer you would pick. With a sleek UX and design, effortlessly tap to reveal the answer. Those who guessed wrong, drink! Not only will you uncover all your friends’ deepest, darkest secrets but you’ll also learn what your friends really think about you.