Drink E-Z™ reinvents something as simple as the drinking straw in a way to make the process easier for those who need help drinking or need to avoid creating suction in the mouth.

Our products satisfy the direct needs of medical and dental patients as well as the elderly. Whether you have had your teeth pulled, jaw surgery, oral-motor limitations, strokes, Bell’s Palsy, plastic surgery, or any other condition that prohibits you from ingesting liquids comfortably, our Drink E-Z™ cup can make your life easier!

Made up of four interlocking parts and operated by three AA batteries, the Drink E-Z™ cup looks like your standard to-go cup aside from the tantalizing button at the cup’s base. This button activates a food-grade micro pump that propels your drink up through the straw and brings it right to your lips. The whole thing tears down just as easily for cleaning and works with all but the thickest of drinks.