At ZOiK we believe that how you stay healthy is your choice to make. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for your health and what's appealing to your taste buds. We are creating a world in which you can do both.
We’re on a mission to replace sugary beverages with healthy fun drinks made with 100% natural flavors. We’re changing the way the world thinks about carbonated beverages using user-centered approach.
ZOiK is a deliciously fizzy sparkling drink made with 100% natural ingredients without harmful sugar and calories to provide a new age drink for the better you!

ZOiK is sparkling water with zero calorie, refreshing and delicious beverages with no artificial ingredients. Plain and simple. Our natural ingredients work together to create a sweet and healthy taste that even a sugar loaded drinks can’t compete with.
At ZOiK, healthy and deliciously are key to a happy life, with bubbles to boot.
We feel strongly about reducing sugar consumption, using clean ingredients and creating delicious and refreshing  beverages. You can find our passion throughout all of our products. 
For more info, check www.drinkzoik.com