Monitoring the DSA website as a 'test ready' driving student, seeking cancellations is a time consuming task with no guarantee's. With the average wait time for a driving test booking date being anywhere between nine to twelve weeks, there has to be a better way. DrivetechUK started by Mario De'Cristofano, is an app incubator company whose first app, 'Accellerate' allows the fast tracking of a practical booking by automatically monitoring the DSA website for cancellations in real time and then offering a registered student a real time text message and email alert, as soon as a cancellation becomes available. They can book there and then, and typically a test can be found within 3-5 days. Mario developed this app with a third party developer as a direct response of seeing people struggle with this problem, day to day, after working with a driving school on their website.

The app is currently being finalized for launch Q1 Jan 2014, and is seeking investment to take the company forward.