Drive to Cure Diabetes hosts an annual golf outing to raise money for the Faustman lab at Massachusetts General Hospital.  This year's outing, the 7th annual, is being presented by Turner Construction Company.
Dr. Faustman showed in her Phase I trials that by administering BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) she was able to destroy the defective t-cells that attack a type 1 diabetic's pancreas.  Once destroyed, the pancreas was able to regenerate and start producing insulin.  This occurred in patients who have had the disease for 15-40 years.  The Phase II human trials are scheduled to begin in the next few months.  Dr. Faustman needs $25.2 million to fully fund the trials.  To date she has raised $18.4 million.  To date, Drive to Cure Diabetes has donated $35,500 to the lab.  This year, with the help of Turner Construction Company, we hope to greatly increase that amount.