For Dr. Jerry M. Foster, learning and service are the cornerstones to living a successful life.  With a proven track record academically and professionally, Dr. Jerry M. Foster has served patients for thirty years with distinction.  Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine by the state of Tennessee, Dr. Jerry M. Foster has demonstrated his commitment to knowledge by earning several degrees.  A 1971 graduate of North Carolina State University, Dr. Jerry M. Foster completed his studies in zoological undergraduate work with honors.  Following the completion of his degree in zoology, Dr. Jerry M. Foster continued his educational endeavors at both Duke University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  With a doctoral program, internship and residency in Internal Medicine along with a fellowship in Oncology completed, Dr. Jerry M. Foster journeyed to London, England to attend the London University School of Tropical Medicine.

Currently holding membership in several nationally recognized organizations, Dr. Jerry M. Foster maintains his commitment to life long learning and service.  Dr. Jerry M. Foster is a member of numerous organizations including Sons of Confederate Veterans, Society of Civil War Surgeons, American Society of Oncology and the Christian Medical Dental Society.  In addition, Dr. Jerry M. Foster holds membership in the Royal Society of Medicine.  

Dr. Jerry M. Foster further demonstrates a belief in personal service through several positions in his local community.  A member of Grace Chapel in Franklin, TN, Dr. Jerry M. Foster is an active volunteer in ministries and non-profit work.  His work with Room at the Inn Homeless Ministry, Samaritan's Purse and medical relief trips to Haiti are the simple outpourings of the faith-based life at the heart of what Dr. Jerry M. Foster believes is important.  For Dr. Jerry M. Foster, faith is the foundation of all that he does.  

Dr. Jerry M. Foster enjoys numerous activities outside of medicine and service through volunteering his time and talents.  When he is not reading or studying, Dr. Jerry M. Foster enjoys the outdoors through hiking and running.  An avid student of history, Dr. Jerry M. Foster also collects Civil War memorabilia.  Most of all, Dr. Jerry M. Foster loves being a husband and father. Originally from Newton, North Carolina, Dr. Jerry M. Foster now resides in Middle Tennessee with his wife of many years, Patty.  Dr. Jerry M. Foster and Patty have two daughters.  Teaching his daughters the core values of faith, learning, and service is for Dr. Jerry M. Foster "the greatest privilege a man can hold."