We are a Captive Insurance Company Formation & Management firm, who specifically assist business owners with risk management alternatives onshore, using insurance domiciles located in the United States of America.

We believe in complete legal compliance when it comes to adhering to the regulating authorities guidelines as they relate to Captive Management and Formation. Our client's can rest easy knowing that their paperwork has been meticulously drafted with precision and care.

Imagine the possibilities...

Many captives are overcapitalized since the risk administrator or the CFO would rather capitalize too much than not enough. We do not encourage this because excess surplus creates low returns on invested capital (ROIC). A low ROIC possibly drains financial yield from its parent corporation.
A company's use of capital (captives) regulates whether it makes a financial profit or realizes a cost. This is termed capital supervision. An economic return is defined as that amount of investment return in excess of the company's cost of capital.

Simply, a company's ROIC should not be lower than the cost of that capital. Investments include everything the company invests in or acquires, not just monetary market investments.   Captives usually do not invest in anything more interesting than the equities market, so their ROICs might be lower than that earned by their parent companies. This is acceptable unless its ROIC is lower than its parent's cost of capital.  

Captives are not industry specific...

Whether you are a Medical Doctor, a Business person or a Lawyer - and, provided your company meets the threshold  for net income, and provided our actuarial consultant agrees, you can engage with us to begin the process of formation and management.

If you are a CPA and have clients that you think may benefit from this alternative to the main stream risk management, then, please call us and we will be more than happy to explain the process to you in more detail.

Forming a Captive - Detailed below are the general steps involved in forming a captive insurance company when using Captive Synergy LLC as your Captive Management Company:

Step 1 – Assessment through disclosure of all previous insurance and claims going back five years.   Supplying Captive Synergy LLC with all company financials and tax returns over the past five years which will form part of the assessment to determine whether a captive insurance company is right for your business.  

Step 2 – Initial Discussion with our Actuarial consultant.   Call or email us to arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss the proposed captive and to obtain feedback. Prior to the meeting or phone call, a written summary of the proposed captive should be provided to Captive Synergy LLC for review.

The level of detail needed in the summary will depend on the complexity of the proposed captive.  

A meeting or phone call can be arranged by contacting our offices today.    

Step 3 – Sign a letter of engagement, pay your fees and then collaborate with Captive Synergy. We will prepare all of your organizational documents and Captive Application to submit to a US based domicile for review and approval.    

Organizational documents will need to be filed with the regulating authority’s Secretary of State once approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.