Dr. Kellegro is a former top ranked hedge fund manager who currently manages a portion of funds for several select investors.

The analysis provided through DrKellegro.com is specifically designed to exploit the many mistruths that exist within the financial market. The Wall Street infrastructure is nothing more than a feeding mechanism for large banks, institutions and wealthy individuals to feast upon the individual investor class and the small to mid-sized professional investor class. This is accomplished through a constant flow of misinformation and the near scientific play on the basic human emotions of both fear and greed.

This being the current state of play, Dr. Kellegro's methods are designed to exploit and profit from the mistruths through an investment philosophy that has an emphasis on a portfolio built on short positions that are being driven to a fundamental valuation that disregards any truth and/or logic.

The analysis of potential long positions within the portfolio is extremely stringent in nature. Dr. Kellegro will only participate in buying securities that are:

1. Fundamentally misvalued due to erroneous perceptions or information.

2. Undergoing substantial shareholder activism.

3. Insiders own or are accumulating substantial portions of the security

4. Under accumulation by institutions or large individual investors

A majority of the time the portfolio will have a short bias, with the exception being times of market panic, where the risk/reward equation on the short side becomes extremely skewed.