Our vision was to extract every smartphone component and transform into a wrist watch that is truly a "Smart Watch." After deep thought and consulting with mobile industry experts, we've finally come up with small enough components to assemble together and engineer the Latest android based software and applications, fixing the difficulties in user experience that smart watches inherently come with.

Entering into a New Division among all other Wearable we introduce to you: THE BOLD BAND "DroidWatches"  The BOLD Band is the definitive all-in-one smart-watch - years ahead of its time! Leave your phone at home now and make international calls, , video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.

It's our mission to develop a Newly designed with breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies thus ringing in a new era in wrist worn wearable devices: The BOLD Band DROIDWATCH.  Consumers needed major overhauls to competitor's watches already on the market.  

We've vowed to not only to fulfill consumers needs, but to go far beyond in innovating higher resolutions, easier to user interfaces, compatibility with everything, and innovating un-heard of solutions (accessories) to offset the shortcomings naturally brought on by the natural small size, high learning curve to give wearable fanatics and new comers a fun & fulfilling experience in owning their very own "Bold Band DroidWatch."

*BOLD BAND® iSporTix DroidWatch™ is the most advanced smart watch phone fitness product - Entering NEXT-GEN in the wearable computing field with iSporTix™ at www.BOLDBANDWATCH.com

~NOTHING OF THIS MAGNITUDE OF DEVELOPMENT & FEATURES HAS MARKET SEEN~ Currently, still in engineering and production phases.

The BOLD BAND DroidWatch™ can be your GSM Mobile Phone by Sim-card, GPSlive™ navigator, Heart Rate & Fitness trainer, Connect to Social sites, and able to REPLACE any smartphone or bulky mobiles. Its World's FIRST wearable smart watch phone using Android 4.3 and the MOST powerful hardware on a smart watch accompanied by a Dual-Core 1.3GHz processor is completely independent Smartphone. Features include: Android 4.4, 4G LTE, Fitness FX's, Cellphone, Syncs with your Car, +Accessories like 2D/3D Virtual Glasses, Wireless Charging, NFC tech, and More INCREDIBLE features.

Innovations in USER EXPERIENCE...
Features include: 1GB RAM, 8GB-32GB Internal Memory, 1.35Ghs @ 500MB processor, Android 4.4, Google Play, Water+Shock resistent, 30Days FREE Wireless Service, developing 4G LTE integration, Fitness & Health functions, GSM/CDMA Cellphone, Sync's with your FORD/Lincoln,

Innovations in PLUG-N-PLAY...
Accessories available from our store, through our manufacturers and suppliers include:
~2D/3D Virtual A/V Glasses
~QI Wireless Charging dock
~NFC technology