Today there is no simple way to send my confidential documents without registering or sharing passwords such that only my authorized recipients can access them. As a result confidential documents are sent unencrypted using channels like emails and other insecure file sharing services. Considering that, it is no surprise that according to http://breachlevelindex.com, more than 3 millions data records are stolen everyday and identity the  continues to be the leading type of data breach. This is huge problem considering more and more documents will be sent and strored online everyday.

Our approach is simple, we encrypt all documents at the source before it is even sent on the net and they are decrypted only on the local system a er the encrypted data is downloaded. We use our unique patent pending key exchange process and one time verification so that we don't have to store any keys and the file download links are protected at all times. We use the most advanced cryptography tools like AES-256 encryption and PKI certificates to keep users data safe and protected at all times. Our passwordless login gives our users the peace of mind and added protection. We are the only one's in industry to provide encrypted services along with passwordless login. So even if the users forget their passwords, they can still login which no other zero-knowledge service is doing today.