By balancing cutting-edge medical treatments, holistic therapies and lifestyle education, The Petteruti Center for Life Extension, can help you live longer and feel younger. Their individualized plans bring together a unique combination of a world-class, yet affordable anti aging, weight loss, aesthetic medicine, and regenerative medicine. On a mission to create better, longer lives for their patients, they believe that it's never too late to pursue greater health and vitality!

Triple board certified in Family Practice, Bariatric Medicine and Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Dr Stephen Petteruti, D.O., AAFP, ABBM, AAAM, is a leader in anti aging and regenerative medicine in Rhode Island. His revolutionary treatments see life-changing results achieved through the use of optimal nutrition, exercise, hormone replacement, nutritional supplementation, stress-response management and lifestyle changes.

The Petteruti Center for Life Extension
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