Dr. Fioriello spent 25 years in K-12 education and is now coaching teachers and providing resources for school systems and parents via DRPFConsults.com, an international education consultant from San Francisco, California. She has a doctorate degree in educational leadership. She is an expert in k 12 school education issues and school hot topics.  Her education background and knowledge of school leadership qualifies her as an expert in education issues. Dr. Fioriello has extensive training and experience in public education.  Visit LinkedIn for more about her professional background and positions in education. The past few years  Patricia has added new experience and skills to her professional resume – marketing classes at San Francisco State University, blogging courses, and writing classes – and is proficient in online blogging, publications, and marketing techniques. She blends the best of both worlds.  In addition to providing coaching, mentoring in best practices for teachers and administrators. She also provides technology and marketing techniques for school systems. Her marketing and education skills are a unique combination for an educator and necessary in today’s global world of education. Dr. Fioriello draws on her experience and passion for education to teach others how to implement proven strategies and present, organize, and deliver the latest content for students and educators.