Dr. Randi Raymond has experience in both conventional and natural medicine fields in her combined 17 years of practice.  She started her journey as an ambulance medic at age eighteen. As you can imagine this was an “alarming” beginning as she witnessed the urgency of medical care.  Rather than waiting until it was too late, she became curious about preventative care.  Exploring her passion, Dr. Randi went on to study Oriental Medicine and Five Element Theory and eventually received her doctorate in Integrative Medicine. She integrated her methods, modalities and philosophy to create a practice that teaches people how to maintain sustainable health. Her personal life and diverse medical experience taught her the importance of balance and she applies this to her practice.

“Every BODY is different and the best method and medicine is the one that works for the patient. I have studied many modalities in order to recommend the best treatment for each individual."  --Dr. Randi Raymond

Customized patient treatments include a blend of therapies tailored to each individual.  The fusion of Oriental Medicine, massage, nutritional counseling, conventional medicine, yoga and personal life coaching results in an effective healing journey. With her holistic approach you can expect to have your vital signs taken, pulse and tongue examined, a complete medical history as well as a thorough examination of your current diet and lifestyle.  A commitment to a complete picture of your health is considered in order for an accurate diagnosis to be made.  Dr. Randi’s intention is to get to the root of your problem rather than putting a Band-Aid over it. Dr. Randi’s emphasis on educating her patients sets her apart in her field. She works with both passion and compassion.