The mission of Moment to Moment Enterprises is to teach "skilled optimism.  In our view, “optimism” is a skill to be taught and learned; not a genetically endowed personal characteristic.   Our major goal is to teach individuals how to view and live life as one continuous learning curve filled with multiple “do-over” opportunities for personal growth and positive self-improvement.

A “skilled optimist” is not afraid to take risks that entail the possibility of failure, can let go of a rejection, mistake or failure in a matter of moments, knows how to identify and set aside “what cannot be controlled” in favor of “what can be controlled,” easily accesses the “creative zone” almost at will, and stays in-the-moment to focus on the next step that needs to be taken and not on success or failure.

The Dr. Russ Buss thirteen core positive principles of optimism represent a strategic view of optimism; one that involves specific strategies of optimism that can be learned and practiced on a moment-to-moment basis. Key ideas of this strategic view of optimism are:
1.     learn to adopt a general optimistic attitude that “the glass is always half full.”
2.     life is a continuous learning curve where failure is expected, challenges embraced, and “tough tasks” are sought to guide self-improvement; no excuses, please!
3.     seeking help is an essential strategy for continual progress; can make strengths stronger, shore-up weaknesses.  
4.     find inspiration from other optimists famous in history, in current day news, or living next door.
5.     acquire the skill of managing internal feeling states associated with optimism and pessimism on a moment-to-moment basis by viewing success as a building block and failure as learning opportunity.
6.     leaders can be taught how to create a culture of optimism in the organization; inspire an optimistic, “can do” attitude in each individual; and learn to take pride in mentoring and watching others accomplish their goals.
7.     communication, moment-to-moment and day-to-day, of messages of optimism, repeated over and over, and applied to a variety of situations faced by a child is a key teaching strategy to be learned by parents.  
8.     an optimistic attitude can be used to manage our swine flu fears as Dr. Russ states in his Optimism Tip of the Week - Be Prepared!!! “Individuals may not have personal control over whether there is a “swine flu” epidemic, but they do have control over the actions they can take to reduce their exposure and its effects, if infected.”

Optimism programs and products include a free daily blog entitled:  Moment-to-Moment Optimism; beginning and advanced "skilled optimism" workshops and seminars, speaking engagements, print publications, the "Optimism on the Go" CD series; a "text message club;" a weekly radio show - "My Optimism: A Positive Place on the Radio" broadcast on the internet radio station: MIEntertainment.biz., and individualized leadership and executive coaching.

The optimism products and programs of Moment-to Moment are specifically designed and tailored to make improvements in a variety of life's arenas.  We have programs  to improve business success, employee satisfaction, and leadership effectiveness.  Additional programs and products focus on improving personal fitness, health and wellness.  There are programs to help parents learn to raise "optimistic children" in tough times, and one's to help married couples improve the quality of their relationships.  

Our newest venture is our "organizational optimism" program that seeks to consult with businesses and organizations for improved productivity and bottom line performance.

The beginning step is to enroll in our "Core Optimism" training program. After that specialized and individually tailored programs are worked out to meet clients specific needs for business growth and development, self-improvement, and improvements in relationship quality and parenting skills.

A unique feature of the "core program" is a self assessment of “optimism strengths and weaknesses” which allows for a personal profile and serves as the basis for an optimism self-improvement plan.  

The daily blog, “Moment-to-Moment Optimism” has regular weekly features that include Monday’s Dr. Russ Bussters in which specific “tips” are given to “Busst-Up” any pessimism that might interfere with one’s goals for the week.  On Wednesday, the “Optimism Tip of the Week” is released. On Friday a "guest blog" is published so that readers can get a perspective on the real life, day to day optimism versus pessimism struggles that many face in these "tough times" of high unemployment, parenting challenging children, and starting-up or keeping a business successful.  On Tuesday articles are published on business growth and success or "optimism" in worldwide news.  Thursday's blog focuses on parenting and health and wellness issues.