Dr. Sanju Gambhir, a renowned Psychotherapist and Counselor, is well known for her counseling and therapy sessions that help overcome stress. According to her, people must accept and enjoy the challenges that life throws their way on a day to day basis, but if these challenges overpower them they become unhealthy in the mind and body.

Dr Sanju Gambhir, believes that to be healthy one needs to be unconditionally happy. She feels people go on in life aimlessly chasing baseless dreams, running behind happiness, not realizing that actual happiness is not outside in the materialistic world or achievements attained by them, but within them in the here and now. She believes that happiness of women in a family, society is of prime importance, therefore she works with women from all strata’s of life, as it is the women folk who nurture and nourish the young minds from their very conception onwards. Although she works with both genders alike, her mission is ‘Happy women, happy family, happy and healthy society’.

Dr Sanju Gambhir understands that every individual who comes to her has a story to tell, an experience to share that might be extremely profound and overpowering therefore talking about it needs complete confidentiality and total faith in the counselor. She realizes that the fear of being exposed might be so intense that people in dire need of counseling and therapy avoid coming forward to take help. Being a thorough professional, Dr. Sanju Gambhir not only keeps the identity and problem of the individual highly confidential but also helps them get over with their guilt and worst of worst self - destructive and self-damaging thoughts and image through her counseling and therapy sessions. As a counselor and trainer she has helped change lives of thousands of people for the better through her regular interactive counseling sessions. With Dr Sanju Gambhir, as a coach, counselor, therapist, you are in safe hands. Her counseling sessions facilitate better personal & interpersonal relationships and skills. She counsels all age groups effectively. For an online consultation with her, you just need to register here.

Website :-  http://www.drsanjugambhir.org