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Author:…….  John Sanker, Ph. D., The world’s foremost authority on “Pure Blood Regulated," the inventor of the Hydrot-pt-5, Curing Gangrene and most other ailments with “Evidence Base," teaching NONINVASIVE “Total Restoration”
Excruciating Pain to the birth of a Cure to over 90% of all our ailments even in the extreme cases of gangrene, which present day protocol demands amputation three inches below the knee, is now back to normal in three months.
This book  takes Dr. Sanker story from a barefooted boy in cakey short pants of Belize,  Invalid due to an auto accident, to Athlete resulting from his invention of the  Revolutionary Hydrot-pt-5 and the discovery of pure blood regulated curing most ailments with no drugs in record  time.
Dr. Sanker has discovered a cure for gangrene and the prevention of amputations.  His invention of the  Revolutionary Hydrot-pt-5, provides a process which locally stimulates, manufacture and controls the volume and direction of red and white blood cells. As founder and CEO of Sanker International, Inc. for the past 30 years, he has specialized in this Non-Invasive treatment of Pure Blood Regulation for ailments and diseases. An example: Sport Injury Recovery Rate is several times faster than that of conventional methods.  
All ailments require unadulterated regulated blood for optimum healing, and the Hydro-pt-5 process does just that.  In fact, this Drug Free Process could potentially prevent most of the 185,000 amputations faced by U.S. Civilians annually.  
This product is FDA listed, has a Medicare payment schedule for pad replacement, and 30 years Research and Development behind it. The Hydrot-pt-5 is backed by most commercial and private insurances such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and more.  
Furthermore, addressing  the new Hydrot-pt-5 CPT code from Medicare, For more information, please visit our web site www.hydrotsii.com

John Sanker. Ph D., MGT.
Founder and CEO Sanker International, Inc. 909-583-3499
www.hydrotsii.com drsanker@hydrotsii.com

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If the above describes your situation than Sanker International, Inc, may be your answer! Market ready, tested and penetration focus with high demand no nonsense revolutionary FDA, Noninvasive, Medical Device curing gangrene, PLUS. A $17. Mil., a day recurring market.

Wound Healing: Diana K. RN, RNFA 2011, 25 yrs of Operating Room experience:
This is an exciting chapter.
Being in the medical field, PAIN (the 6th vital sign), is probably the most difficult element to deal with after surgery.
Using nerve blocks, localized blocks, spinals are common practice pre-incision, ice packs alone, anti-inflammatory, narcotics, post-op for pain management.
None of these options completely stabilize the patients pain. It is usually made tolerable but leaves the  patient groggy, nauseated, delirious.
Yet if the drugs, blocks or cold packs are not prescribed the patient doesn’t heal as well, because a body in pain is using its energy for the tolerance of pain, a body tense, sleepless, an agitated body and mind. Where with the medicine and cold packs there is some relief to relax the muscles and mind for healing.
The elements and obstacles each individual must deal with and\or overcome is great.
Disease: HTN, Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis, vascular conditions…the list goes on. Then add the insult of surgery coupled with fear is tremendous odds for the healing process to contend with.
Pure Blood being implemented in the hospital as a new dietary protocol and teaching along with the application of the Hydrot-pt-5 is the answer to many the frustrated cries of “there must be something better, easier, faster than this!”.
As well to consider… the relief to the physician, the RN and other staff to have a patient who is relaxed, out of pain and able to sleep through the night.
To lesson the possibility of a wrongly given medication, over medication, complications\side effects of medication, a missed dose. The reduction of cost in pharmaceuticals administered, from pain to stool softeners. A shorter  hospital stay, a more relaxed home healing experience from not being in fear: is this pain, swelling, lack of movement normal?... Decreased infection rate, faster wound healing.