Dr. Satendra Saxena is a well-known name in Aligarh and around in this part of the country for treatment of  all brain-related diseases and ailments. His main focus is on treatment of brain diseases like:

Headache of various types ,may it be migrainous headache , tension headache , functional headache, cluster headache or any type of headache secondary to some other disease of nervous system.

Epileptic  fits/Seizure of various types like  primary epileptic fit , secondary epileptic fit or functional seizure ( psychological).

Maintenance and high level of treatment of head injuries, specially by conservative treatment and he tries to avoid surgeries as much as possible.

Paralysis viz local , generalized , hemiplegia or hemiparesis.

Nerve pain, neuropathies and Neuralgias.

Motion disorders or various type of abnormal movements of the body.