I have been working in IT for 18 years, have been doing SEO / PPC since Yahoo SearchMarketing / Overture started and since the inception of Google AdWords.  The industries I've had the pleasure of exploring and learning include: Automotive, Healthcare, Home Improvement & Hardware, Call Centers, Department of Defense and Information Technologies.  

Coming from a military background, I've been to many places wordwide, changed schools every 2 years, supported many non-profit organizations, been in many job roles, learning lots of things, having to adapt to constant life changes, always wanting to learn, see and do more and have experiences to last an eternity.  

In my latest role of working to market drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centers, I can now say "I've found my life's career".  No longer out trying to find the where or whats in life OR even trying to discover myself- I've found a career so rewarding in helping others with their lives and have now settled in South Florida to establish roots.

If you or someone you know struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, point them towards my direction.  There's nothing worse than feeling like a lost soul.