Design Doc Enterprises, LLC is owner and operator of The Design Doc, The Design Doc Werkshop, and the Creative Concierge.  Vickie VanHurley, Ph.D., The Design Doc is the CEO and owner of Design Doc Enterprises, LLC. She is known as the entrepreneur's branding educator.  Dr. Vickie a branding and marketing consultant as well as a branding architect. As the CEO of Design Doc Enterprises she strategizes and cultivates business success through branding. Dr. Vickie is also an artist and designer.

Here at Design Doc Enterprises, we want to help you succeed with your business (passion) by sharing the importance of branding & how to create profits from branding. We believe that consistent articulation of  your brand (mission and brand promise coupled with a positive customer experience) will build positive and lasting relationships with your customers. Design Doc Enterprises, LLC is the premier provider of branding  education to the business world.