Dr. Walter Sims, a dynamic motivational speaker, certified relationship, spiritual, mental toughness, and positivity life coach, and award author, Living Motivated - The Beattitudes of Living a Motivated Life, knows what it takes to live a life on purpose. He understands your fears and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck. In addition to this. What magnifies this is when you're in the wrong lane, you begin to battle with self esteem issues which has a huge impact on your relationships.

A spiritual leader by profession, Dr. Sims holds a Master of Ministry degree, a Doctorate of Divinity degree, as well as a professional life coach certification. Dr. Sims aims at empowering persons towards significant increases in self esteem, focus, clarity, and productivity by helping them realize their life's purpose.

As a life coach, Dr. Sims will support you in designing your life of purpose that you are fully engaged in, that is joyful and challenging with reduced stress and distractions that can threaten your peace of mind. Many of Dr. Sims clients also experience growth and a new awakening in their spiritual life because now they understand what it means to live a life on purpose.

Dr. Sims message to you:

"Your situation is not your destination; it OUGHT to be your motivation."