zhongxin specializing in the designing and construction, Installation and commissioning modern dry mix plant with the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and flexibility in adapting itself to local raw materials.

New production technology based on a silo discharge and dosing system which enabling the construction of plants with gravity-based material flow without screw conveyors.

The advantages of this technology are: compact plant layout, easier raw material changes, faster and more accurate dosing and less maintenance. Raw materials are brought up to the top of the tower, and after that the material transfer takes place by gravity, thanks to a special fluidisation technique.

1. Realizing steady material flow by gravity with special fluidization system;
In this system, dried sand and other raw materials are brought up to the top of the tower, and thereafter, all the material transfer takes place by gravity. Horizontal transfer flow of material is minimized in all processes.  
To keep the materials flow steady from silos down to the mixer so that it can be easily handled with dosing system. The fluidization system keeps the flow even, and preventd the creation of dust, excess pressure in the silo, and segregation in the material. And it can be used for fine limestone, cements, burnt lime and various dry powder chemicals.

It is widely used in building materials, chemical and metallurgical industrial, helps to avoid the tendency of fine materials to bridge and arch in the silos; and helps to preventing the segregation in ready mixed product in bagging or bulk silos.

2. Dosing of raw materials in fluidization system;
In order to get a very high accuracy with powder chemicals and additives, a double flap dosing valve had been developed and used. In this valve, an additional, smaller built-in valve for fine feeding is placed inside of the main valve. The main valve is opened for coarser dosing while the small flap is used for the fine dosing.

3. With combination of the fluidization system and flap valves, and working with the Weighing technology with advanced control system, fast speed and a very accuracy is achieved.

4. Minimum Maintenance requirements;
Gravity based plant design with special silo discharge and dosing system reduces the requirements for maintenance-dependent parts are very small. Actually, the only wearing parts are the flaps. By keeping one spare flap of each size in stock. And the change is easily to be carried.

5. Modern dry mix plant has stringent requirements on the flexibility of products change. It sometimes be necessary to change raw materials in the silos. The swiftness and cleanness in changing are significant. The direct dosing from the silo discharge offers a distinct advantage: the need for inter-product cleaning is radically reduced.

Since the Inception of Zhongxin, we have successfully provided lots of turnkey projects for our clients in China and oversea countries, with our quality professional prevailing technology, broad practical experience and our know-how in this field; such as Henkel, Sika China, Bostik, Owens Corning, STO, S3(Singapore), Shanghai Caoyang Construction Adhesive and etc.

Raw materials are brought up to the top of the tower, and after that the material transfer takes place by gravity, by means of a special fluidisation technique ... ...

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