Dry Swan Bladder Control Program is all about educating women in how to take back their bladder control naturally, through our website www.dryswanbladdercontrol.com, Book 'Take Back Your Bladder Control' and now a free app we have developed 'Dry Swan Bladder Trainer' available on Google Play and iTunes.

Woman of the world are currently suffering the condition of urinary incontinence at levels never seen before, with some unofficial statistics putting the figures at one in two women with this condition, affecting women of all ages and lifestyles.

Tess Hansel is the founder and developer of the Dry Swan Exercise and author of Take Back Your Bladder Control.

The Dry Swan Exercise is unique in that it distracts the body away from the pressing urge incontinence issue. So when a woman experiences the tremendous urge to go to the bathroom she is able to distract the signal to the bladder long enough to get where she needs to go. As she continues to practise the exercise, her control is greatly improved to the extent that she no longer experiences urge incontinence or leakage.

The exercise and program came about as a result of Tess Hansel suffering a series of hemiplegic migraine attacks during menopause, and the resulting paralysis, which found her suffering from urge and stress incontinence. The attacks were the result of high stress levels and too many work and personal commitments.

The good news is that through her journey of ill health she was forced to stop and investigate why she was ill. Through a long, tough journey back to good health she discovered a natural way to restore her health through concentrating on the different aspects of her life eg diet and discovering the Dry Swan exercise to give her back her fully restored bladder control.

The truth is that women are responsible for their own health and too many women are listening to the rhetoric that as we age, urinary incontinence is a fact of life. It is not. Through exercise (particularly the Dry Swan exercise), dietary changes to more organic and natural foods, as opposed to junk and processed foods, women can take back their bladder control naturally.

Tess Hansel's book 'Take Back Your Bladder Control' incorporates the multi-faceted approach to restored bladder health. Again, this includes diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

The Dry Swan exercise has helped a lot of women already and is set to continue to do so, particularly those women who are unable to take medications or are restricted financially.

Our free app - 'Dry Swan Bladder Trainer' is proving to be very popular and hopefully will reach women who may not have the means to seek medical advice or assistance - eg in non-affluent countries.