D. Saunders is no stranger to the stage. Born in Chesapeake, VA he began singing at an early age and continues to frequent the stage delivering outstanding performances. Strong songs that people look forward to hearing is what D. Saunders strives to bring his listeners. "I feel that the strength in songs suffered as the video age emerged” says D. He considers himself an old school singer with a new school style.

As a successful songwriter with hundreds of songs written he has wowed crowds all across the U.S. and abroad. Some of the places D. has performed include California, Ohio, Philadelphia, Denver, The Phillipines, Japan, Guam, and Hawaii. This proud Air Force Veteran has won numerous awards for his vocal talents and has taken the seat as lead singer in multiple bands.

D. Saunders released his album "The New Old School" in September 2014.  He has received overwhelming amounts of positive feedback.  D. would like to thank all of his fans for the love, support, and prayers he has received throughout his career. He knows that God and his fans are the two reasons he is living out his dream of being a successful recording artist.