Founded on over 14 years of experience; Deluxe Signature Collection, LLC is an Orange County, California based business that provides collectors with premium sports investment pieces from their favorite athletes and sports teams.

Our standards serve as our organizational core values and provide us with a sense of direction in our day-to-day operations.

Customer Service
Communication is the key to any successful relationship therefore we provide our customers with a plethora of ways to connect with us. We have a toll-free customer service line, a dedicated customer service e-mail, and profiles on the most popular social networks so that you can contact us whenever, wherever, and however. As we say: No matter the inquiry, there’s a DSC Representative waiting to assist you.

Logistics (Shipping, Receiving, and Tracking)
Our mission is to put timeless collectibles into the hands of avid collectors across the globe and we take that seriously. We have a top-notch shipping system that gets our merchandise out the door and at your door step quickly. We make it a priority to ensure that each and every customer is informed on the status of their order via e-mail and via their personal account on the website.

Online marketplaces are teeming with imitation sports collectibles which is why we partner with leading 3rd party authentication companies to give you the added confidence that what you receive from us is exactly what we say it is, 100% Authentic. We love going the extra mile so that our customers know that they are investing in high quality sports collectibles that will retain their value over time.