Dtour Creative helps small to medium-sized businesses identify their brand, find their audience & amplify their message using a balance of traditional & online marketing tactics. Dtour Creative has an agency-like menu of services at an affordable price.

Brand Identity: Establishing an instant connection to your audience will give your company the competitive edge it needs. Your professional brand reflects who you are, what you do, and how you can provide your target market with what it needs. The goal is to create and manage a brand that is identifiable + distinct + appealing.
• Logo Design
• Website Design
• Social Media Set up

Marketing Strategy: Now that your brand identity is set, what’s next? While it’s great to dress up for a party, if you don’t go, no one will know you exist. A detailed marketing strategy identifies the best ways to connect to your audience – communicate your brand messages – and stay on budget so there are no surprises.
• Target Market Identification
• Marketing Plan
• Advertising

Campaign Management: Yelling out your business name from the street corner is one way to get your message out but it’s certainly not creative… or effective. Creating unique brand campaigns will give you something to talk about that others want to hear. They also help you connect to potential customers and build lasting relationships.

• Custom Promotions
• Contesting, Sweepstakes, etc.
• Target Eblasts