Al Handal For Contracting is a General Contracting company established since February 2007 in Dubai and Ajman. Recently, we established other branch in AbuDhabi. We are capable of performing all kind of construction projects with specialization in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing). Although Al Handal is a newly formed company, however we have very strong financial, technical and Management capabilities. Al Handal For Contracting was created by group of highly experienced engineering with more than 20 years in engineering, construction and management and investors with strong financial capabilities and banking experience. The company’s management believes in rapid and sustained growth. Hence, the company is structure as such that has enough flexibility to increase it’s size and capital rapidly. The company’s management also believes strongly in client base business. Hence, the company has structure to target all three pillars of construction (Schedule, Budget and Quality). We can guaranty that we can meet our schedule within our budget. Also the company has strong Safety and Quality control program and structure to insure high customer satisfaction.


Dubai Office
Century 21 Building Room 506
Deira, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates
Tel. No. +971-4-268-2289
Fax. No. +971-4-262-5979