Dub K Productions is an innovative television and film production company that develops and produces social conscience entertainment through original scripted content for theatrical, televised and web distribution.  The company is the brain child of David Harrison and Naython Vane, childhood friends and creators of the new half-hour television series entitled "The Walba".  Which is the first project that Dub K Productions with produce and is to be entirely shot and set in Wichita, Ks. where the two creators met and grew up.  Dub K Productions was created out of a need for entertaining viewing content that delivers hard-hitting reality with a positive message and the tools needed to back it up, keeping the viewer laughing and crying the entire time.  The long term goal of the company is to create films and television serieses that have a powerful impact on the viewers lives and addresses real issues that all humans face on a daily basis.  Then through various internet platforms offers solutions and direction for any of the many common problems addressed.