Between the both of us, we bring to you over twenty years of experience and product knowledge in the beauty industry, a degree in engineering and  business, a diverse multicultural background with strong influences from European culture and practices and also many years of product manufacturing using aromatherapy products.

We continue to learn every day through study and research as well as hands-on workshops. We consider ourselves modern-day artisans and are proud to say we make everything by hand using the finest ingredients available, including therapeutic-grade essential oils from around the world and bases that are free of harmful SLS’s, parabens, petroleum and other toxins. Where some of our products may not include essential oils, we make sure to use phthalate-free fragrance oils to ensure that we provide the level of superior quality products that are safe for skin and irritant-free for our loyal customers.

Our products are always made in small batches to guarantee freshness and are hand-cut, packaged and labelled by us with our self-created designs. Although time consuming, we go the extra mile to make everything ourselves, while providing a beautiful spa-look and quality to all our products! We will always strive to give you, the consumer, the very best in all we have to offer and continue to expand our line with new and exciting ideas. We look forward to creating, developing and perfecting our products for years to come because we believe in what we do, so please follow us on this journey.

We thank you all for your continued support since you are the reason we are given the opportunity to keep doing what we love to do on a daily basis and for this, we are truly grateful!

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