Dude Clothing designs, manufactures and sells clothing that is uniquely made for Disc Golfers. Dude has introduced a wide range of high quality polos, tees, shorts, pants and caps for men and women disc golf players.

Every sport has it's own line of clothing and now disc golf does too. It's a sign of the growing maturity of the game that a new range of clothing by Dude is being so widely accepted by the disc golf community.

Dude stands for Down Under Disc Evolution and originates from Australia, but its main market is in the US and Europe where disc golf is well developed and growing. Dude founder, Chris Finn is an Aussie disc golf champion and saw a gap in the market for high quality clothing designed just for the game. Common features in Finns designs include larger pockets for discs, side pockets for scorecards and pencils, towel attachment studs to take sweat towels, high collars for added sun protection and lightweight stretch fabrics that adapt to the bends and stretches of the game.