Tankgrip press release

Tankgrip is an entirely handmade shell with integrated handles that can be fitted simply and quickly to a motorcycle 's petrol tank.

The shell can be made from polyester or carbon fibre, depending on the customer's preference.

Tankgrip is always altered to suit the make of bike so that it creates a single streamlined unit.

The product is fully compliant with safety standards and will not injure either the rider or the passenger in the event of an accident, because it is constructed from saturated fibreglass and the shell therefore cannot rupture.

The Tankgrip manufacturing process is extensive and the prices are therefore between 300 euros for the lacquer-finished variant and 450 euros for the carbon-fibre version.

We have accumulated 10 years of experience that mean we can always finish the product perfectly for you.

Once a bike rider has discovered Tankgrip and the sensation and feeling of safety that the product generates for both passenger and rider, they will never want to be without one again.

Have a look at the website www.tankgrip.com or the film clip on www.youtube.com/user/tankgrip to convince yourself about this unique product.

You will also find reports on Tankgrip users' experiences, as well as the clip and photographs that will give you a picture of this sensational product.