Anita Joubert Wbff Pro Discusses How We are Literally Drowning In Information Overload To Get Into Shape!

Dubai UAE, April, 30, 2014- Dubai based fitness model Anita Joubert has a passion eating clean and living a healthy life style through proper nutrition and exercise.

I truly believe that our bodies were designed and have the ability to heal themselves. Unfortunately, we live in an era where our lives are stressful, our environment is toxic, while the lack of quality food we eat is also deterring our ability to heal properly. Even with advancements in medications and with increased access to information, we still suffer from chronic diseases at an incredible rate.

Technology in our society and environment is progressing so quickly and information is so readily available, that we have become even more confused about when, where, what and how we should be eating. From the tonnes of diet trends such as; gluten free, fat free, sugar free, yeast free, low fat, low carb, high protein foods, we are literally lost before we even begin! Food needs to return to its original purpose of being delicious, nourishing, health promoting, and enjoyable. It is my mission to educate people on how eating well can be easy and improve your health and quality of life.

It's really quiet simple. We need to go back to the earlier days by eating natural whole foods which are pesticide/hormone free in nature, and that are nutritious and wholesome to the human body. I believe that by eating wholesome nutritious foods along with a customized unique exercise regimen, you will live a more balanced healthy, happier and more energetic you!

Joubert, a former fashion model, and now a registered holistic nutritionist & trainer understands the difficulties people have and the misinformation they get regarding dieting and exercise, weight-loss struggles and yo-yo dieting habits and is now on a mission to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle by "eating clean." The European wbff fitness pro mantra, "You can't out train a bad diet," is a message she wants to carry to people everywhere

A resident of Dubai UAE for the last 12 years, Joubert has a made a mark on her followers by teaching them how to achieve weight loss while eating REAL FOOD. The award winning fitness model points out that "You see, what we eat affects more than just our weight. It affects our mood, energy, sex drive, sleep and so much more. I believe in committing to making one change a week. By making these small changes, you will understand how your food choices can give you life, or suck the life out of you."