Durty South Music Group is an indie record and management company that represents their client roster on a smaller scale. The CEO is the former CEO of DAO Music Group/Interscope records, Priscilla "Peaches" Walton. DAO Music Group is now a distribution and publishing company in conjunction with DSMG. The label will be new to the southeast Atlanta local artists. The new office will be located in the Atlanta City limit. Signed to DSMG is new recording artist and actress, Alaya Lee Walton aka "GRAFIIK" who has many years of exposure to the music industry, film, and theatre industry. Her first single at the age of 13, called "Nerdy It Girl", was just re-release, years later, to the online stores (#ITunes, #Tidal, #AppleMusic, #AmazonMusic, #Spotify, #Napster) for the anti-bullying campaign. DSMG takes proud in developing their artist 500% and is dedicated to making them shine! NERDY IT GIRL music video will be shot in Los Angeles by Music Dir Cynthia "CY" Dieyi, who was a direct hire for this project from the CEO. DSMG will blossom and will be another big hit for the music industry.