We are TOTOBOBO Mask - HK Branch.  Our website is www.dustmask-respirators.com.  We sell TOTOBOBO masks and accessories online.  Totobobo Mask is extremely breathable, high quality, reusable, low cost (mask body is reused, filters are disposable), customizable (fit to anyone down to 5 years old), easy seal check by visual (because it is transparent), comfortable, and easy to clean.  The mask itself is made by Latex free custom blend polymer (FDA approved). It can be washed with soap and water, and can be dried easily.  Besides the mask body, the filter is the most important component of a respirator. The quality of air that gets into your lung is determined by the quality of the filter, provided there is a good seal between the mask and your face.  The design of Totobobo mask makes it very easy to replace the filter. That’s why, so many people like TOTOBOBO Mask.