Developed for high net worth individuals and family offices - expertise with a personal touch
Dutch Oracle's Inner Circle clients have the unique ability to benefit from Andre's vast network of global contacts. He has developed an "inside track" to consistent, quality deal flow that allows the team at Dutch Oracle to continue to seek and analyse the best Alternative Investments for you.

Andre is known as the “Dutch Oracle” for making accurate predictions in the markets and his uncanny ability to analyze companies and businesses. Among some of his foresights were publicly calling the 2008 debt crisis and the unprecedented rise of gold and oil. Business leaders and investors around the world consult with Andre to receive his independent expert analysis and practical advice. “Andre is the master at putting his finger on the right spot by asking astute questions with surgical precision and clarity” says accomplished serial entrepreneur and Olympian, ~ Carman Adair (Inner Circle Member).

André specialises in assisting wealthy individuals and family offices to isolate the best Alternative Investment opportunities by:

   Assessing and qualifying your existing and prospective deals for you
   Providing you with quality deal flow and global co-investment       opportunities
   Protecting your privacy and saving you valuable time
   Optimizing terms by negotiating contracts on your behalf
   Tracking, managing and growing your investments