Velco has been described as both and Contemporary / Modern Post-Impressionist and  Abstract-Impressionist Artist.  His paintings have been described as "colorful, energetic, rich with symbolism and texture while being both energetic and meditative / contemplative" as a summary from comments and posting in person and via the many websites were Velco interacts with global viewers and collectors.  Velco's art layers translucent and opaque colors and styles intermix in a thoughtful yet playful manner. Many are drawn into his paintings by the rich texture due to his painting process of applying the paint directly with his fingers.

He does not use brushes or other tools. They make him feel disconnected from his work and hinders his creative energy flow to the canvas. The paint’s own texture, viscosity, volume, loading pattern and application method at the time of each stroke influences the outcome as it rolls, slides or jettisons off his fingers onto the canvas to be fixed in place.
During his painting sessions, he acknowledges his planning while allowing himself full freedom to be influenced by the moment. In that space is where the majority of his application method takes root creating each work or series' final color, texture and form layer by layer.

His works can incorporate a bit of Expressionism, Impressionism, Pointillism, recycled materials such as shopping bags, found objects and tumbled crystal stones.  Often he listens to music while painting that supports his intended mood, light, rhythm and energy levels.