Truly Inspiring! -     *****  (Nick Jag on 8 June 2008)
Great Book! Your story is vivid and truly inspiring, I felt like I was there with you every step of the way. It's the kind of story that fits anyone, because it teaches you to believe that no matter what situation you or a loved one is in, good things can and will happen, and it's worth having a positive attitude about. I can't help but appreciate my health more after reading the book. I believe the book can help anyone take initiative in their life, find the things they love the most, and help them not to drown in any situation life throws at them. Overall, the positive attitude throughout the book was contagious and I just couldn't put it down until I was finished. Once again, a true inspiration and definitely recommended! Nick Jag Author of MySpace Marketing

A must read!! -    *****  (Linda Forsythe on 30 May 2008)
"This Time's a Charm contains wisdom, encouragement and words of hope, for those facing Cancer...and an absolute "must read" for friends and loved ones. This book can awaken the inner healer in all of us!” - Linda Forsythe...Founder of Mentors Magazine, MentorsHarbor. com and Walking With the Wise book series.

An honest reveal of cancer and its treatments! -     *****  (K. Harbrecht on 15 May 2008)
I loved your book! Thank you sooooo much for writing and sharing your journey. You've given me a new outlook for my dear friend whose battling brain cancer. I will read the last 3 pages of your book over and over...

Inspiring insight! -     *****  (Amy Abram on 30 April 2008)
My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and this book really helped remove most of the fear that we were struggling with. The author uses just the right of humor, at just the right times, to make you realize that the world is not coming to an end overnight. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has cancer, or anyone who knows someone who does.