DxElite.com was born out of the input from brand dealers nationwide. New car dealers from coast to coast have dealt with unwanted calls from locator services for years and, when they do require their services, typical locators have a tendency to over promise and under deliver. For years dealers have been paying a per vehicle or per load fee, ranging from a couple hundred dollars a unit up to several thousand dollars a load.
We at Elite Locators have listened and have come up with a solution. We have designed a new model for the business, one based on membership. Instead of paying a per load or vehicle, when you sign up for membership at dxelite.com you pay a simple flat fee monthly fee and buy and sell as many vehicles as needed. We have taken the cost away from buying inventory and put it back in your dealership's pocket.
Time is money, or so the saying goes. For dealers, locator calls take up valuable time. Some days you may field fifteen calls or more from locators trying to sell you inventory you don't want, or trying to cherry pick your best units. If ten locators call each day, taking up two min of your time per call, that is twenty min per day, 2 hours per week, or more than 100 hours per year! Ask yourself, how much that time is worth to you?
For dealerships that never need to buy any inventory, we applaud you, and we have an offer for you as well. It is always free for dealers to list inventory that they would like to get rid of. Do you have units on the ground that are beginning to age? Are you stuck with some off the wall model that the manager before you ordered? Pair the less desirable with some good stuff and list it as a package!
Our ultimate goal is to build a network of dealerships nationwide built on a platform designed for you, the dealer. We have built an interface that is user friendly, one that allows you to search for only the vehicles that you are looking for, one that allows you to refine your search by distance, and through strategic partnership with United Road, offers integrated transportation ordering.
We hope that you give us a try, we believe that we have built a tool for your dealership to maximize profits through an advanced inventory location system. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (904) 853-6656 or email us at info@dxelite.com