Dyess & Company LLC was formed in 2006 to provide trading advisory services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Currently, we offer a high frequency multi-strategy systematic managed account program, which is employed pursuant to a unique proprietary algorithmic trading system developed exclusively by the members of our firm and its principal. The investment objective of the trading program is to achieve attractive noncorrelated absolute rates of return while attempting to reduce the systemic volatility of portfolio allocations.

Utilizing a top-down approach to strategic market interaction, the processes employed for measuring divergent market variables isolate the real-time market impetus, convexity and underlying directional bias. We further mine this meticulous data to facilitate a forward allocation management and price discovery system adapted to seize upon organic change in the prevailing inclination of leading participants. This intuitive proprietary algorithm offers partners an active hedge against looming precipices everpresent in our global marketplace, culminating in an efficient propagation of noncorrelated returns on investment capital. Subsequent provisions made by those employing these autonomic strategic allocation modules garner a considerable advantage over neoclassical market paradigms.