Dyplast Products offers polyisocyanurate_insulation, phenolic_insulation, and EPS products around the world. ISO-C1 polyiso insulation is the superior insulation for Class 1 chilled_water pipe insulation, refrigeration insulation, cryogenic (LNG) and mechanical_insulation. DyTherm Phenolic pipe insulation may be appropriate when 25/50 ASTM E84 ratings are required. Dyplast's polyiso and phenolic insulation can be provided as bunstock, pipe insulation, equipment insulation special shapes, structural insulated panels, or sheet insulation - - in a variety of densities and in larger dimensions than competing insulation types.

Dyplast's rigid foam insulation has superior insulating efficiencies and is ideal for high efficiency insulated panels, refrigeration insulation, HVAC insulation, chilled water insulation, equipment insulation, LNG, or cryogenic insulation, as well as other mechanical insulation. Furthermore our products are tested and certified by third-party independent laboratories.

With the recent addition of DyPerm Wrap vapor barrier and DyPerm Tape, we now provide a complete Insulation System.

We also offer EPS insulation, architectural shapes, EPS foam packaging, GeoFoam, and Holey-Board.