e-Systems is exclusively dedicated to supporting mission critical environments to maintain 100% uptime. Through e-Systems breadth of infrastructure products and services, it partners with its customers to assist in enabling them to deliver on their service requirements. Beyond offering advanced customized enclosures designed for cabling, thermal and economic efficiency, it constructs and installs containment solutions, provides consultative sales support on power configurations and other accessories required in the data center. e-Systems also provides integrated DCIM packages, wireless tracking and auditing of DC assets, CFD analysis, installation services, and specialty cleaning to ensure an optimal environment for its customers. Within mission critical centers that require ergonomic consoles, e-Systems designs and delivers contemporary custom consoles that are engineered to support the 24/7 human and technical requirements of process control and security environments. Headquartered in Conklin, NY with offices in Denver and representation throughout the US, along with its affiliate in the United Kingdom, e-Systems has a package to meet the most challenging requirements within the Data Center and other mission critical environments with high quality products and services that are consistently delivered on-time meeting all customer specifications.