The E2 Energy Advisor group is made up of some of the top energy management companies, engineers, previous utility industry executives, and some of the largest energy wholesale and retail energy market makers across a wide industry spectrum.

We offer a full range of some of the leading energy management strategies for the commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. Our services reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, generate positive cash flow, and reduce the carbon footprint of tens of thousands of entities on a daily basis. There are no costs for organizations to utilize our service network and most services are performed as a guaranteed performance service.

We’ve helped thousands of commercial, industrial, and municipal energy consumers, including many of the Fortune 1000, increase their profitability, sustainability, and their standing as responsible stewards of the environment

The E2 Energy Advisor network has helped thousands of entities reduce and recover energy expenses in multi-industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Office Properties, Healthcare and Hospitals, Municipalities, Schools, Universities, Multi-Location Retail, Data Centers, Electronics and High Tech, Consumer Products, Restaurant Chains and Franchise Groups, Food and Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Airports, Apartment and Condo Associations, Property Management Groups, REIT’s, Homeowners Associations, Grocery and Supermarket Chains, Hotel and Hospitality Groups, Shopping Centers, and more.

To learn more about the E2 Energy Advisory group email: info@esquaredenergyadvisors.com.