Senior level Information Technology (IT) professionals, members of the scientific research community, analysts, and business professionals impacted by recent massive corporate lay-offs founded this organization. These senior level professionals have created an organization that uses their business acumen, skills and best practices to provide services to American businesses and nonprofit organizations struggling against the daunting challenges in the current economic climate.

e426.org identifies organizational needs for businesses and nonprofits, designs and implements change management strategies in the areas of training, marketing planning and execution, technical support, education and enablement for businesses as well as volunteer agencies across America. Alliance partners and volunteers provide ancillary support for this new organization.

e426 exemplifies the  next generation of nonprofits – the virtual nonprofit. The new nonprofit organization: no walls or physical work spaces; board meetings, staff and volunteers are geographically dispersed across the United States rather than centrally located in traditional Hometown, USA. Alliance partners and consultants are situated anywhere between fifty to thousands of miles away.

e426.org is a conduit between business and the nonprofit sectors.  Equipped with an arsenal of professional experts, assistance is provided to businesses and nonprofits at little or no cost in the areas of management, consulting services, research, emerging technology, social collaboration, marketing and sales enablement, communications, and grant proposal design and development.